Growing Employee Benefits


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Are you looking for an innovative employee wellness program?

Do you struggle with high employee health care costs?

Is teamwork more of an ideal than an actual at your business?

Well....there's an apple for that.

Start an Employee Garden! 

Research shows higher medical claims among employees with weight issues, poor nutrition, lack of activity, and stress.

In order to adopt permanent lifestyle changes, employees need the tools, support, and resources to empower them to take personal responsibility for their own health and well-being.  Grassroots employee participation is what drives behavior change and the only true way to corporate_gardenachieve the coveted “culture of wellness.” Gardening provides a structured and manageable set of activities that address all these issues.

Corporate gardens are an easy to implement, economically sound and creative way to address employee health habits. The Corporate Garden Coach will cultivate a turnkey corporate gardening kit to fit your business needs. 

Coach Stacy is available for project consulting, or she can act as your garden project manager assuming responsibility of the planning, executing, managing, and closing the following tasks:

  • Goal setting, outcome tracking, and reporting 
  • Marketing-internal and external promotion
  • Material acquisition and garden construction coordination
  • Garden maintenance
  • Team challenges and events to keep employees engaged all season
  • Health education resourcing-webinars, recipes, lunch & learns