Helpful Extras

Each of the Corporate Garden Coach packages is designed to give your business an exciting new employee benefit program. The extra services listed here will help make it easier for for you to implement your program. Since they're not required for a successful program, though, we wanted to give you the choice to add these options, instead of automatically including and charging for them.

Corporate Garden Mentoring

This option is perfect for corporations that have already started a corporate garden and are looking for some additional tips i.e. participant promotion, kickoff events, team challenges, outcome reporting, etc. This service can also be purchased along with any of the packages for extra on-site visits throughout the growing season.

$75/hr. (Travel expenses are extra for on-site activities.)

Employee Goodie Bag Selection & Direct-Shipping

Corporate Garden Coach will acquire the goodie bag contents and have them shipped to you for assembly. This can be a great team-building activity!

Prices contingent on goodie bag contents.

Employee Goodie Bag Selection, Assembly & Shipping

Corporate Garden Coach will manage the entire goodie bag production for you and have them shipped to you stuffed and ready to go.

Prices contingent on goodie bag contents and shipping costs.

Population Health Management Education for Employees

Take advantage of customized Lunch and Learn presentations, webinar opportunities, educational handouts, recipes, and more.

$75/hr. (Travel expenses are extra for on-site activities.)