Why Start a Corporate Garden?

Corporate gardening is a timely and sustainable wellness strategy.

The act of gardening, itself, is a comprehensive wellness program that effortlessly offers dynamic physical activity, creative expression, emotional reward, an enhanced connection with nature, a sense of environmental stewardship, nutritional awareness, and the satisfaction of cooking with the organic fruits of one’s own labor. Corporate gardening is an inexpensive corporate wellness solution, an enjoyable employee perk that boosts morale, while also helping employees (and their families) become healthier. It’s a win-win-win.

The Business Case

Corporate gardening increases employee engagement, camaraderie and healthy behavior. This impacts the bottom line of businesses in the form of better performance and more highly satisfied staff, while decreasing employee turnover, absenteeism and health care costs associated with high risk conditions. Corporate gardens support an organization’s green initiative, as well as present a unique public relations opportunity.

employee_gardenEmployee Benefits

Nutritional Awareness

Employees learn to grow and eat fresh vegetables, are motivated to cook more at home and eat less fast food. They will eat more produce not exposed to chemicals and use herbs in recipes resulting in less salt and refined sugar intake.

Physical Health

Employees enjoy an ergonomic break from their desk, will increase caloric expenditure, produce Vitamin D, and practice core stabilization and increase flexibility.

Mental Health

Employees receive a mental break therefore reducing stress and anxiety, experience positive social interaction, partner with fellow employees, and experience a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.


Increase overall activity, instill healthier eating habits, ultimately manage weight, decrease stress, and improve general well-being.


Employees can trade or share the harvest amongst themselves, or donate the harvest to community organizations.

Shortcomings of Conventional Corporate Wellness Programs

Conventional programs are not always comprehensive in nature, do not always motivate employees to adopt long-term behavior changes, and subsequently can produce a “one and done” outcome. Recent studies have shown that the “carrot and stick” programs do not result in long-term behavior changes.  It’s the employee-driven, grassroots wellness programs that are far more effective, in terms of both participation and return on investment.

Is your corporate wellness program dragging? Do you need a new benefit to offer your employees? Try corporate gardening!